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Running Hypertrophy I back to back

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  • Running Hypertrophy I back to back

    I just started Hypertrophy I and am thinking ahead to how this will interact with my next block of training. Probably thinking too far ahead, but that's what I do.

    I have not done Hypertrophy style sets and reps in the 2.5 years I have been barbell training, mostly low rep strength focused to this point. I am not well conditioned for the higher reps, one motivation to start this program is to improve this.

    Considering running Hypertrophy I in a slight calorie deficit to improve overall fitness and hopefully trim a bit of extra weight around the midsection, and maybe see some size gains given the program is novel to me, we'll see. If the first block goes well I am thinking I would run it again in a slight calorie surplus, to try to maximize size gains, and be in a better conditioned state as well, and a better understanding of weight and RPE for higher rep sets.

    Does this seem like a reasonable way to run this, or would I likely just end up in the same place after 20 weeks if I just ran the program at maintenance or some other calorie level.
    I am 38 y/o male
    5' 10"
    188 lb
    ~38" waist measurement

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    You could run it back-to-back if you like irrespective of energy balance, provided you responded well to it the first time through.
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