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Acid reflux from belted deadlifts

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  • Acid reflux from belted deadlifts

    Greetings all. Happy to have joined the board!

    I am running the novice LP at present, with my last deadlift workset being 270 x 5 (122.5 kg). Until now, I have deadlifted beltless with no issues, and have no history of low back injuries. I have had my deadlift looked at by Jordan when he came to Auckland, and additionally by Nick D. and Rip at the WF seminar last year, so I'm quite confident in my technique.

    My problem is when I go to put a belt on - one notch looser than the squat and press - and bend down to begin the set. Even with 1-2 hours after eating, I am getting what I believe to be some pretty bad acid reflux the moment I take the bar, due to the pressure of the belt against my abdomen. I'm losing concentration during the setup hoping I don't vomit during the pull, and it really makes a set of five more awkward than it should be. So far, nothing bad has happened, but I wonder as the weight goes up, if anything... 'unsavoury' will occur.

    Is it common, or even feasible, to continue to deadlift beltless up past 315 for worksets as a novice trainee? And has anyone else had similar issues during the deadlift?

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    I have seen novices (and humans, in general) do just fine without a belt on the DL, though I do believe it is a useful training tool. I also have gotten reflux like symptoms on a hard deadlift set with a belt, but I just tolerate it. I've found that the longer I go between my meal and training- the better.
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      This happens to me sometimes too, for squats and deadlifts. Same as everyone else, it usually always happens when I eat too soon before lifting and still have food in my stomach.

      So far no accidents. But hey, I'd rather puke and deadlift than not deadlift at all, right?


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        I have also had this problem. It only happens when I deadlift first on a given day. Any program where I squat., press, then pull in that order, acid reflex doesn't occur. Probably due to being later in the workout.


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          just a thought: you said you don't eat before a workout, but a caffeinated pre workout may aggravate your gut if you're in the habit of drinking those.


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            Thanks for the responses! I suppose I need to further space out my meals beyond 1.5 - 2 hours and see what happens. I do in fact take a highly caffeinated pre-workout (not sure why, really) which I plan to give up. Onwards and upwards.