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12 Wk Strength Deadlift Question, and Ankle Question

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  • 12 Wk Strength Deadlift Question, and Ankle Question

    Hi All!

    First, I love how intelligent your programming is. I am starting week 6 of the Hypertrophy program, and have noticed significant progress in all aspects (body composition, work capacity, muscular size). I have 3 short questions for the next block of training:

    1. Should I take a "pivot week" to adjust my body to the 12 week Strength program? Or just jump right in? I cannot think of a reason why not to simply jump in.

    2. The deadlift volume seems high (5x5 on Tuesday, following a [email protected] 8). Should I scale this in any particular way? Throughout all the SS books, I have only seen 1x5 as a prescribed set-rep scheme. The amount of volume seems like it would hinder my ability to recover properly.

    3. I have noticed after deadlifting OR squatting, I am not positive which one, that my right ankle has trouble flexing the next morning. It does not interfere with everyday life, and it does go away within the next 30 minutes after waking up. My slight concern is, is this coming from a problem with the deadlift or squat execution? Like, the bar drifting forward during the initial pull of a deadlift, or the bar path being less than ideal for a squat?

    Thank you for your input!

    -Particular Perkins

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    1. Nope! Go for it.

    2. The SS methods are focused on pulling near-5RM weights for a single set. These sessions will not involve near-5RM weights. Additionally, you just said your work capacity has significantly increased (which means your recovery capacity has also significantly increased).

    3. I doubt this is related to a technical error in the deadlift. I can't say whether it may or may not be related to your squat.
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