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  • Powerbuilding programming question

    Hello Jordan/Austin,

    Just a Powerbuilding I programming question...

    I've been making some good gains with the programming from week 7 (for bench and DL) and have enjoyed the program so far. However, knowing that you have recommended this many times (on the tubes, podcasts and these forums), I decided to just run week 7 programming until it stops working (currently in week 9).

    I noticed week 9 has similar but slightly different programming...

    That said, after things stall (presumably after about 2-3 weeks or so), what would you recommend...

    Do I deload and then run week 9 or do I just go straight to week 9 after the stall?

    Thanks in advance!

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    After it stops working or whenever you want a change, I would run the deload week and then the remainder of the template's programming.
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      Thanks again!