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  • the updated General S&C template

    I just downloaded the new S&C template and I’m very curious and excited about the changes made, and have some clarifying questions:

    1. Are the default exercises in the template the “recommended” options for a first run?
    2. For the exercises where we’re doing repeated sets at the same RPE, e.g 3 sets of 5 reps @ 8, if I know that my RPE goes up after each set with the same weight, is it normal/recommended to lower the weight on each set if needed to stay within the target RPE?
    3. Copenhagen planks seem to be timed exercises rather than rep based, in that case how do we approach the reps/RPE recommendation? Or is there a rep based version of this exercise?

    Finally, I’d love to get a glimpse of the reasons for the new updates, particularly the EMOM work, the new supplemental exercises, and capping the working sets of most exercises at 4, when the old template had you commonly working at 5 to 6 sets .


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    1) Yes!
    2) It can be, though you may find you're able to repeat the weight as well.
    3) There are a couple different variations, but I like to bridge up into position, hold for a few seconds, then come back down for one rep.

    As far as why there were updates, the short of it is I wanted to expand the fitness adaptations we were selecting for into high velocity strength , adjust average intensity to reflect our current programming ideas, and the volume hasn't really changed for top work sets IMO.

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      Thanks for the response!