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    I am finishing up the Hypertrophy I template this week and I will be starting Strength I next week. I'm excited to run my first powerlifting program, and I had a few questions about choices I was planning to make in the template.

    1.) For my GPP upper back work, is it inadvisable to have one slot solely dedicated to training heavy chin-ups (in the 5-10 and 1-5 rep ranges at different times)? Do you think this would inhibit my ability to see the most optimal strength adaptions in the squat, bench, and deadlift?

    2.) Any downsides to doing my HIIT cardio on an elliptical?

    3.) My gym isn't really a powerlifting gym. It's more like a typical commercial or globo-style gym. So, the racks don't have pins for bands or anything like that. For my Overload Squat slot, do you think anchoring the band at the bottom of the rack so that each band creates a "U" shape with the two top points of the "U" being around the barbell is a good way to set this up? If this is unclear, let me know and I could post a picture.

    4.) Are there any quick & easy ways to set up with a band for Overload Deadlifts? Right now, I'm just imagining that I'll have to carry over two heavy ass dumbbells to act as anchors and maybe anchor the other ends of each band to the bottom of a rack or two more DBs.

    5.) I ordered two Rogue Loadable Dumbbells so that I could start doing some of my training at home and not have to always go to the gym to do stuff like GPP. I know I can do Bent Over DB Rows for a Horizontal pull, but are there any Vertical pulling movements that I could do with a set of dumbbells for my GPP Upper Back Work? Best I can think of is to do DB Pullovers laying across my bed or on two chairs put together lol...

    Thank you.

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    1) I would not do heavy chins in the 1-5 rep range on this template. I would keep things at 8-20 reps, mostly.
    2) I think you could anchor bands to dumbbells on the floor or to the safety pins in the rack.
    3( Stand-on-the band deadlifts would work.
    4) Upright rows would also work.

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