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Bodybuilding Template - how to progress further?

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  • Bodybuilding Template - how to progress further?

    Hi Drs and everyone,

    I'm resending this post as it seems to have disappeared somehow....

    Quick question about the bodybuilding template:

    I'm just about to complete part III of the template and I'm wondering how you'd recommend progressing from here.
    Should I restart from mesocycle 1 or repeat cycle 3 repeatedly?

    My goal is still to continue to build mass and I've been responding fairly well,
    able to increase load and volume as prescribed and have gotten some visible gainzzzz.

    Thanks and much appreciated for all the great content and advice.


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    I don't think you can run the BB template indefinitely and get good results.

    However, you could run whatever phase of the template you're currently using until it stops working before shifting gears a bit.

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