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    Hi there! I am 33, 6’ 4”, ~210 lbs - long femurs, awkward lanky build. My priorities in regards to lifting are general health, aesthetics, and seeing my numbers increase, respectively. I have been very much enjoying your templates and have been seeing results in regards to those priorities. I used to deadlift conventional w/ poor form, injured myself, then avoided the movement for years until finding BBM material (thank you for that! It has been life changing). Since starting to run some of your templates I have been doing Sumo. I saw Claire’s post today on Sumo deadlift, have watched Calgary Barbell’s tutorial as well. I have found a set up and form that works for me, am able to progress in terms of loading, and feels comfortable. However, i do somewhat exhibit the “frog stance” described in Claire’s post, my shoulders are pretty far in front of the bar at the bottom, and my torso/back angle is more similar to conventional instead of a traditional sumo. I will likely pursue a form check through you guys as well but figured I’d check in here first.

    1. Is this set up going to be an issue at all going forward based on my priorities? Or should I try my best to adhere to criteria laid out in Claire’s post / Calgary barbell tutorial?

    2. My other question is more general. Again, based on my priorities, does it really matter which BBM template I run and in which order? I just see so many questions here on next template recommendations and want to ensure I’m not neglecting anything that would further my goals.

    Thank you so much for all the content and education you guys provide. Has made all the difference for me and my wife!

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    1) Without seeing your deadlift, I can't really know what you're doing, but it is highly unlikely that your deadlift style is going to be an issue with respect to health or muscle growth. You said yourself you can progress with respect to loading so, I think you're probably fine.

    2) I think that how training is structured and laid out over time likely has an impact in how folks do performance-wise, so I would say yes.

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