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  • Strength III question

    Hi there folks,

    As I understand it, Strength III is one of the few templates that wasn’t updated/revamped recently. Do you guys at BBM have any intention to modify Strength III in the foreseeable future?

    After doing powerbuilding II-like programming for ~1,5yrs I’ve decided to compete in 6 months. I’m thinking about doing the updated powerlifting II template, or the Strength III template if that’ll get revisited by you guys. Can’t justify spending money on 1-on1 coaching (as for now) as a med student and I am not really comfortable programming a powerlifting-specific template for myself - making me keen on buying said templates.

    Have a nice weekend,

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    Yea, Strength III is a pretty good representation of how we think about programming for PL so it didn't really need updating. I will be updating the formatting shortly, but probably not the template itself unless something else changes.

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