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Moving to updated Powerbuilding I after week 6

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  • Moving to updated Powerbuilding I after week 6

    I'm running Powerbuilding I, version 3.2 (updated 12.2.2019) for the second time (I ran it ~1 year ago),
    currently on week 5 and I have been looking at the updated version 4.0 (updated 8.8.2021).
    Could I shift to the new version after week 5, starting with week 6 on the new version?
    I'm primarily interested in the increasing strength in the powerlifts, and I'm going to run Strength I after PB I.
    Before PB I was doing more hypertrophy-focused training.

    If the change is okay, does it matter what kind of upper back movement I do on day 2 (for the second half)?
    I noticed that on the older version bilateral movement is in the first half (Pendlay row myo-reps),
    and unilateral (lever row AMRAP), whereas the newer version has bilateral and unilateral the other way around for the two halves.

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    Either type of row would be fine. Let us know how it goes!
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