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Back to the gym after lockdown (At home - Beginner templates)

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  • Back to the gym after lockdown (At home - Beginner templates)

    Good day,

    There is a good chance that the gyms might open up again in October due to covid restrictions being lifted. I've been doing the At-Home minimal equipment template for a couple of months now. I'm pretty excited to start the updated Beginner template when the gym opens up again. Block 2 looks more fun, but do you recommend starting with Block 1, or can I jump in with Block 2?

    I really love the write in section of the updated Beginner template, so I've been wondering if you have plans to add it to the At-Home template? For example, I ran out of weight for the 12-15 rep range standing DB shoulder press, so now I do single arm DB press. I've also had to be creative with some other exercises. It would be nice to have a write in for stuff like that.
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    Yea I will probably do that to the At-Home template shortly. To answer your question though, I'd start on Block I.
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      Thank you! It sounds like the gyms are opening up in October, and I'll be starting with Block I!