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Alternatives to sets across @RPE 8 in BB template

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  • Alternatives to sets across @RPE 8 in BB template

    As the title states, I'm wondering if it's ok to program an alternative to sets across @8.

    Specifically, I am in the BB template and when doing 4 or more sets of 8 or 10 reps @8 for compound exercises like the squat, bench, and deadlift, I find it impossible to recover within 5 min and repeat the weight. This has been a characteristic I have noticed across many templates and years. I would like to keep my rest times capped at 3-5 min for time's sake. I am open to reducing the weight on subsequent sets, but my fatigue level is often unpredictable and I'm unable to adjust the weight to hit the target rep and RPE. For example, after benching 165 [email protected], I can't tell how many lbs to remove so I can hit another [email protected] I frequently under or overshoot. Not ideal.

    I am wondering if it's feasible to replace repeat RPE 8 sets with a single RPE 8 set followed by backoffs, as found in your other templates? If so, how would this work? To clarify, this would only be for the first heavy compound movement of the day; I don't face this challenge on the subsequent exercises.

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    There is nothing wrong with decreasing the load in this situation. You can start with a 5% load drop and see whether you need more, or less, in terms of modifications.
    IG / YT


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      Sounds good! Would you recommend keeping the number of sets the same, or increasing to account for the slight dip in intensity?

      Just to clarify, you're talking about doing the following:
      8 reps @ RPE 8
      X backoff sets at -5% of the top set


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        I would keep the number of sets the same.
        IG / YT