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Questions on Repeating Templates and more

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  • Questions on Repeating Templates and more

    Hey all,
    I've seen people (BBM crew and others, I think) on this forum recommending repeating entire templates (as long as they're still working/not too boring) and recommending repeating the week at the end of a block (ditto). Assuming you're not worried about a competition (i.e. you don't need to run a strength template for exactly 13 weeks), do you prefer one of these approaches to another? Are there reasons to choose one over the other? If, on Strength I, I take the latter approach and milk all I can out of the developmental and specialization blocks, how likely is it that I can get more out of Strength I on a second run?

    Also, unrelated, but would you recommend for/against running the free novice peaking template after finishing the beginner program? I'm on (the new) phase 3 now and even though I know it's not totally a strength focused program, I still wanna test my maxes

    Also somewhat unrelated, if I own a belt and know I like training for strength, is there a reason to abstain from using it during phase 3/until starting Strength I?


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    I think either approach is reasonable and don't have a strong preference one way or another. If someone is getting great results from a particular microcycle, I think repeating it makes sense until it stops working or they want a change. So, I suppose I lean towards repeating the last week.

    I'm not sure I can predict your response, as there are far too many hypotheticals.

    I think you can run the peaking template or just test your maxes, either way is fine.

    I see no reason to avoid using a belt until a certain training phase.

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      Okay, thanks for responding!