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Spreading HIIT volume

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  • Spreading HIIT volume

    Hi Barbell Medicine fam,

    I understand this was addressed:

    I have seen throughout the forums that it is fine to split out the steady state cardio component of the template throughout the week (30 mins into 3, 10 minute sessions). However would this be the same case for HIIT? Say splitting 14 minutes of HIIT (7 intervals) to 6 minutes (3 intervals) one day and 8 minutes (4 intervals)

    just wanted to take it a bit further

    1) Volume is about to double for HIIT (via extra day) per the PB II program, so now it's twice a week. I figure since its going to be increased in frequency, I'd like to spread the HIIT volume over 3, or even 4 sessions, but in smaller doses if that doesn't take away from the "intended purpose" of HIIT that you program it for? Ex: Am I losing anything by performing 5 @10rpe intervals four times a week vs 10 intervals twice imes a week?

    2) Extending further, if I perform a round or two of HIIT pre or post training, would these smaller intervals rounds even contribute to the adaption that HIIT is intended for, and may I count them towards the total amount of HIIT prescribed?


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    1) I don't think it really is going to make a big difference, though the data on this conditioning frequency w/ maintained volume isn't super robust.

    2) Not sure, but for health I'd keep bouts to ~ 5 minutes at the shortest.

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      Thank you coach!