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Spreading HIIT volume

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  • Spreading HIIT volume

    Hi Barbell Medicine fam,

    I understand this was addressed:

    just wanted to take it a bit further

    1) Volume is about to double for HIIT (via extra day) per the PB II program, so now it's twice a week. I figure since its going to be increased in frequency, I'd like to spread the HIIT volume over 3, or even 4 sessions, but in smaller doses if that doesn't take away from the "intended purpose" of HIIT that you program it for? Ex: Am I losing anything by performing 5 @10rpe intervals four times a week vs 10 intervals twice imes a week?

    2) Extending further, if I perform a round or two of HIIT pre or post training, would these smaller intervals rounds even contribute to the adaption that HIIT is intended for, and may I count them towards the total amount of HIIT prescribed?


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    1) I don't think it really is going to make a big difference, though the data on this conditioning frequency w/ maintained volume isn't super robust.

    2) Not sure, but for health I'd keep bouts to ~ 5 minutes at the shortest.

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      Thank you coach!