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  • Another chain question

    Sorry if this is redundant, I couldn't quite find the info I was looking for in other threads about this topic.

    I'm having trouble figuring out which combo of chain lengths/weights to get for the strength 1 overload movments. I know you should be working with 20% of your best 1 rm in chain weight, but is there a combination of weights/lengths that is more adaptable than another as rm's change? Funds are limited, so trying to maximaize value here. My rm's are still changing monthly if not weekly.

    So far I have a 6' 5/8 chain pair @ 40 lbs. Could you recommend another length/weight to get? Or does it even matter that much?

    thanks again for your time as always

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    I thought you were running Powerbuilding?

    In any case, all the chains I've used are 4' long and 5/8" and weigh about 23-25lbs each. I would use 1, 2, or 3 chains per side to get the load right.
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