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Benefits of squat suits/compression leggings/jeans

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  • Benefits of squat suits/compression leggings/jeans

    Hi there - have been squatting in my jeans lately just to save time, and have noticed I feel considerably stronger out of the hole. I assume this is because the elasticity of the jeans is helping to force me back up when I reach depth.

    My question is whether this is helping or hindering strength - with a belt I know they increase intra-abdominal pressure, and help to strengthen the trunk etc. But with jeans (or squat suits/leggings/anything with elasticity in the bottom position), does the assistance in the bottom position actually bring with it any benefits, or does it just make stuff easier in the bottom position?


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    I don't think I would say anything that's elastic provides assistance, e.g. knee sleeves, leggings, etc. However, squat suits, knee wraps, etc. store mechanical energy and generally increase the amount of weight you can lift. It's just changing the force curve of the lift slightly. I wouldn't expect this to have any effect on health, hypertrophy, or general strength development.
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