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Incline Bench "Jugaad"

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  • Incline Bench "Jugaad"

    Hey Doc.

    I've just begun on the Powerbuilding I template, and would like to do the incline bench as a bench variant and to develop them upper chesticles (should I even be bothered about this right now?). Unfortunately, my gym's incline bench station has a fixed angle and the adjustable benches are unusable in a power rack right now.

    In the first week I did something similar to the image attached. It was somewhat awkward, but I hope it would get better and more repeatable over time. What are your thoughts?
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    This is a fine incline bench and the angle I'd use for carry over to the press. No angle is going to work the "upper" chest more or less though to make a significant difference.
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      Alright. Thanks for your reply!