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  • Advice for choosing a BBM template

    Hi everybody,

    I was hoping to get a bit of advice regarding the choice of the BBM template that would best fit my level (not so great) and goals.

    For the context, I'm 35, 5'7 and 155lbs and have a few years of training.

    As for my lift, I'm not very strong, here are my max for 5 reps (I don't do 1 RM) :

    Squat : 5 reps at 315lbs (below paralel)
    Conventional deadlift : 5 reps at 375 lbs (overall ok but form degrade after rep 3, hips shoot up a bit and upper back round a bit but nothing crazy)
    Incline BP : 5 reps at 210 lbs (touch and go)
    OHP : 5 reps at 145 lbs
    Weighted neutral grip chin up (I try to improve them and kinda treat them as a big lift) : 5 reps at bw+55lbs

    I mainly train 4 days a week doing fullbody workout essentialy (as for the main lift, it is as follow day 1 : "heavy" squat/db seated OHP ; day 2 : volume squat/ "heavy" bench ; day 3 dead/OHP ; day 4 : pause squat/volume bench). I sometime add a 5th day when I'm not too constrain by the job to work arm for 30 min.

    I know I will never be neither reallly strong or jacked so I rarely go for 1RM or pure bbing. Up to this date, I have only try to improve a bit my 5RM and 10RM on those lift while trying to add a bit of mass and doing a bit of assistance for aesthetic and health (rear delt, etc.).

    I'm thinking about following a program made by competent people and BBM seems to be very knowledgeable and do fullbody program.

    My goal would be to add a bit mass and a bit strength on those 5 lift.

    I was thinking about buying the template Powerbuilding II but if someone believe that another program will best suit my goals, I'm all hear for some adive.

    Thank for the time spend to read, the eventual feedback and apolgises for the numerous mistakes I made.

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    Thanks for the post, Yosh.

    Powerbuilding II would be my recommendation if you want to keep training 4x/wk. Let us know how it goes!

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      Thank you very much for your answer Jordan.

      I'm gonna buy and try Powerbuilding II and probably starts it around november or early december. Due to work constrain, I prefer to wait until I can recover better.

      Will post how it goes during and/or at the end of the program.

      Best regards.