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    Hello Jordan/Austin/Others

    My current programming consists of the following;

    1/2 Reps @ RPE 7-8 4x4 -20-25% for Backoffs (more backoffs on bench)
    Light Accessories such as Pull-Ups, RDL’s & Split Squats

    I’m performing Low Bar Squat, Comp Bench, Conventional Deadlift in this way along with other variations such as Pause Squat and Bench Tng.

    I have noticed that I’ve been able to add 2.5-5kg over the course of the last 6-8 weeks, whilst maintaining the RPE. This indicates that I’ve gotten stronger.

    Should I continue to keep doing so until the RPE exceeds what I’ve prescribed, i.e. an RPE 7 ends up being 8.5-9?

    If so, once the RPE is inevitably exceeded, what strategies would you recommend to keep making progress? Which variables should I look to change?

    Thanks, James

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    I do not think you should continue to add weight while increasing the RPE unless you're trying to peak.

    I recommend following a progressive loading approach, e.g. maintaining the constraints of the program save for the specific variable(s) that are responsible for driving the desired fitness adaptations.
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