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  • Bulking and Cycling

    Hey Jordan. Hope you’re doing well? I’m a huge fan of your work.

    I am a road cyclist but I would like to gain muscles. My goals are to gain up to 80 Kg and to get stronger, 2xBW Squat, 2.5 BW Deadlift.

    I usually ride 25+hours a week and could train 4 days in the gym. I’m a Cat3 crit and tour racer. My goal for next year is a 4 day tour and a lot of crits. So I have to be fast and explosive.
    My current stats:

    BW: 69 Kg

    Height: 178 cm

    Squats: 100 kg 3x5

    Deadlift: 110 kg 3x5

    Bench: 65 kg 3x5

    OHP: 45 kg 3x5

    Should I do your beginner program? Which of your programs would you recommend?

    Also I usually burn 4500-6000 calories a day. What does a 4500-6000 calorie meal plan look like? Any carbs recommendations?

    Thanks in advance


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    I think the beginner program is a reasonable place to start.

    Regarding the specifics on the nutrition front, that's getting to be a bit outside the scope of what we can discuss (particularly in a more individualized fashion) in the forum here, and is moreso the kind of thing that could get covered in a consultation.
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