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thoughts on modifying exercises in PB I template

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  • thoughts on modifying exercises in PB I template

    I have been lifting consistently for about 18 months now. Started w/ 5x5, found BBM resources, ran The bridge w/ awesome results, did a self modified bridge hybrid by including high pulls, push press, and sandbag work, after a video Alan Thrall put out for incorporating strongman training. Again, saw good results. Now preparing to run PB 1. I have really grown to enjoy low bar squatting 3x week using front squats as warmup towards my working sets. No particular reason, just enjoy the variety. Goals of training are: get weight down to 195-200# (currently 209 from 225), improving overall fitness to keep up with my 2 year old, and pulling 500# (current PR is 420).

    I am thinking of swapping :
    1.the RDLs on day 1 for paused DL at same set/ RPE as the belt DL on day 3.
    2. Day 2 3x10 Front squat at prescribed RPE and adding the 3x10 RDLs to this day.

    Thoughts and comments are much appreciate. You all have been a phenomenal resource and a literal life changer. Thank you!

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    Glad to hear you've gotten good results so far!

    Your modifications sound reasonable based on your preferences and goals. Give it a shot and see how you do.
    IG / YT