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  • Bridge EMOM and Myo-reps

    Starting the Bridge tomorrow and was just wanting to confirm some new programming I'm seeing - EMOM and Myo-reps.
    Week 1 Day 2 exercise 3 has sets of 10 reps @ RPE 7, 8 and 9 programmed, so would I be wrong in assuming those are the activation sets? Complete 10 @ 7, 20-30s rest, myo-reps (3-5 reps for X amount of sets until I hit 3 reps). Then complete another activation set of 10 @ 8, running through the myo-reps again, and the same for the activation set of 10 @ 9?

    Week 7 Days 1 and 3, exercise 3 has EMOM programmed. Is that exactly what I think it is? Day 1 3 @ RPE 8, drop 5% and complete 2 more sets of 3 with the clock running continuously?
    For Day 3 it has programmed 8 @ 8 x 3 sets of EMOM, to maintain that RPE 8 can I take weight off as needed? How much should I aim to drop? 5%? 20%?

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    Can you clarify exactly which program you are talking about? I am not seeing where Myo-reps or EMOM are explicitly indicated for these slots.

    For 10 @ 7, 8, and 9 -- that would simply indicated 3 ramping sets of 10, not Myo-reps.

    Similarly, working up to a top set of 3 and doing 2 backoff sets would not typically be prescribed EMOM, nor would 8 @ 8 be prescribed EMOM.
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      This was the latest version of the Bridge where I saw them. The EMOM and Myo-reps were described in the rest period and notes sections of each week (week 7 Day 3 exercise 3 for example)

      I'll re-download the program and see if there's any change


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        Hey Chet,

        It was a rest period typo that was updated a few weeks ago. You should be able to download the new, edited template now
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