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  • Powerbuilding I bench press variation

    Hello Docs,

    I had great success with your PB I template version 3.0 rehabbing my shoulder and getting stronger. This week I'm starting with version 4.0 and have a question on day 3 bench press variation. The last time I did Incline BP and I had DB Incline as day 3 exercise 3 in the second block, now I'd like to train a different variation for some time. Close grip (shoulder-width apart) for some reason feels uncomfortable for my shoulder so I would swap it with either feet up bp TnG or move my hands for a finger or two inside and call that close grip (leaning more towards feet up). Would that be a good idea?


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    There are two slots in there and I'd pick one mostly horizontal one (flat bench or low incline) and one vertical one (OHP or high incline). Other than that, the world is your oyster.
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