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Strength III back off set rep variability

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  • Strength III back off set rep variability

    Strength III for the back off sets, as an example:

    76% e1RMx20 reps (sets of 4-6 reps, all sets < RPE 8.5)

    Does this means:
    1) Get e1RM from [email protected] that day
    2) Take 76% of that, put it on the bar
    3) Do a set, assuming you'll be able to do somewhere in the range of 4-6, if you hit RPE 8.5 at rep 4, stop. If you don't hit it on 5, go to 6 but no matter RPE at 6, stop?

    Or should each set in 3 be pre-determined number of reps and the weight varies based on RPE of the prior set?

    It's a subtle difference I suppose!

    Aside: I figured this question may have been asked already but I did a forum search and from experimenting and reading the search tips in the advanced section it does not seem that a simple exact string match is possible for multiple words.

    In other words "Strength III" returns results for "Strength" OR "III" and there does not seem to be a mechanism to include whitespace.

    I used Google search in lieu of it but couldn't find anything there either: BBM "Strength III" template forums

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    Yes, you got it exactly right. Do sets of 4 to 6 reps and terminate it when they get close to RPE 8-8.5.

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