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Peaking for powerlifting/strengthlifting

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  • Peaking for powerlifting/strengthlifting

    Hey guys, I'm an intermediate with a 405 squat, 550 deadlift, 155 OHP at 183 bodyweight, age 28 5'11" interested in powerlifting and strengthlifting. Until recently my best squat was a very grindy 402. I took a vacation and didn't touch a barbell for 11 days. My diet was garbage (maybe maintenance calories but low protein), sleep was questionable, and I went off of creatine. Immediately after I returned, I walked into the gym and noticed the warmups for squats felt light as hell. I worked up to a slow but smooth 405 squat! So it seems that fatigue dissipated during my vacation and I was able to display strength I didn't know I had. This has made me extremely excited for what a true proper peak could do for me. I know the basics I think: Volume for heavier lifts can be tapered sooner, smaller lifters can have a shorter taper than larger lifters, etc. My question is:

    What are some good resources to educate oneself on how to peak? Books, websites, articles? I'm a graduate student and can't really afford a coach at the moment. I'm always paranoid that when I peak I will detrain and lose strength, but the effects of this 11 day break have really gotten me excited.

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    There really aren't any books/articles we'd recommend on the topic, and there are significant inter-individual differences in the response to peaking. This is something where you'll learn how you respond best from experience and experimentation, to be honest. The general principles, as you noted, are for volume to decrease, and intensity & specificty to increase. The timing of these things is what varies the most; at your size, you'll probably be able to keep training volume fairly high until the last week or two before your meet.
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      Awesome, thanks!