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Upping volume lowering intensity on the Bridge

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  • Upping volume lowering intensity on the Bridge

    Dear Docs,

    I'm planning on running the free version of the Bridge template but lowering the average intensity and upping the volume a little bit - specifically on the auxiliary lifts. So planning on doing squat, bench, press, DL as prescribed but lowering the RPE's and adding a set on the auxiliary lifts. Theory being that more volume is better (hence adding more volume), if you can recover from it (hence dropping intensity a little bit). I have also run the bridge before with the prescribed RPE's and found that I was repeating weights for multiple weeks on the auxiliary lifts and they were just generally beating me up, so thought I'd try experimenting a little bit. Before I do though I'd be interested to know what your thoughts are? Seems like a minor modification but I don't have any experience writing programs.

    Bit more context: been training for about a year. Started off with Starting Strength novice program, lifts went up (obviously) but so did waistline. Then did a week or two of the bridge but had to take a few weeks off, lost weight and a lot of strength in that time. Restarted by doing a couple of months of higher volume training (4-6 sets per session of 6-10 reps on main lifts and variations), then started the Bridge again and ran until the end with modest results...THEN have been experimenting with lower volume/higher intensity for the main lifts (basically everything is 80-100% of 1RM) and using more accessory work to add in volume, but now finding it hard to progress as I am now losing weight (thinking I may need more volume as I think I may have just accidentally 'peaked' myself the last couple of months rather than actually built any strength). So I guess I am a bit of a 'program hopper'. Current (e1RM) numbers are: SQ: 150kg, Bench: 85kg, Press: 50kg, DL: 160kg, BW 87kg (trying to slowly lose weight as waist is approx 37").

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    If The Bridge is appropriate for you I wouldn't modify it. If you've ran it before and didn't have great results, one of our other free templates (or paid products) is likely a better choice.

    More volume is NOT better unless the program is designed to work that way and The Bridge is not.

    If you want to run the Bridge, run it as is. If you want a higher volume program, check out Strength I, Powerbuilding I, or general S/C I.
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      "More volume is NOT better unless the program is designed to work that way and The Bridge is not."

      Ah okay interesting, I guess I have a very oversimplified view so thanks for the correction! And thanks for the swift reply and recommendations, will check out those templates.