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  • Rack Pull RPE Question

    Hi Jordan,

    I'm doing my first run through of the updated Bridge after having outstanding results with the previous version. I had a bit of an issue dialing in the correct load for the rack pulls in my session yesterday. In the past I have done rack pulls primarily in sets of 3 reps, leaving at least 2 RIR. I plugged in what was my 3 rep 8 RPE load, and warmed up with a light set, then did my first set of RPE 7 and it was significantly more taxing than I had anticipated. I clearly way overshot my RPE and felt fatigued, especially in the low back after that initial set. The odd thing is my deadlift is about 30 lbs heavier now than when I was doing rack pulls, so I initially thought I was being conservative in estimating load.

    I know it's common for there to be an adjustment period with new exercises and rep ranges, but I feel like I need to drop about 15% of the load. Is this a reasonable adjustment for doing rack pulls at a rep range I am not at all accustomed to?

    Thanks so much!

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    Yes. I wouldn't over-interpret this -- just adjust the load to whatever is needed for the target effort level.

    If your main goal is driving up your regular deadlift performance, the specific weight you use on your rack pulls is of markedly less importance, compared with getting the right stimulus out of that exercise -- not too much, not too little -- to drive the primary goal.
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      Thank you, Austin. That is really good to know regarding how to use the rack pull exercise to drive deadlift performance. I really appreciate the advice!