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Wide grip bench higher 1rm

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  • Wide grip bench higher 1rm

    I did wide grip bench for the first time ever today, and my e1rm went up about 20 pounds, and that was after practicing paused regular grip earlier in the workout, ha-ha. Does this mean I should make the wider grip my normal bench grip?

    I typically grip the bar with my ring fingers on the knurl marks, which I thought was on the wider side already. For the wide grip, I moved my pointer fingers over the knurl mark. On the descent, the bar naturally came down just above the nipples, if that matters. Usually I touch a bit lower with a normal grip.

    I am currently on the strength 1 template after doing the beginner and power-building 1 templates. I’m about 6’ tall with longer-ish arms.

    Thanks as always

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    Sounds like it's at least worth a shot.
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