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  • looking ahead in programming

    Hey guys!

    I am currently on Week 5 of the bridge. I had posted a few months ago about an upcoming trip to go elk hunting out west in the early fall. I plan on do By the GPP Endurance program leading up to that. Should I do the endurance program once I finish the bridge and then repeat it or would it be better to do something like the GPP hypertrophy program first then the endurance program. I just want to ensure I am getting adequate conditioning leading up to a pretty long and potentially arduous hunt.

    By the way I love the Whey Rx and the Peri Rx!



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    You can do both templates if you have time, sure. The hypertrophy template includes 2 days of conditioning work and the endurance template will bump that up quite a bit more. Having known a few guys who go out on long hunts, unless you are notable un-conditinoned now, you should be prepared for this trip the training and conditioning. You might even be notably stronger than the guys I know who have done this. :-)


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      Thanks for the advice Leah! Great forum, great products!