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Uneven thigh size

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  • Uneven thigh size

    After about a year of lifting with SS, I am in week 4 of the beginner template. I noticed that my right thigh is bigger than my left thigh. That is probably because I had ACL reconstruction on my left knee several years ago. I'm looking for suggestions about increasing the size of my left thigh. Perhaps split squats or Bulgarian squats? how do I incorporate them to the program in the template?

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    While size differences alone are not typically concerning, your history of an ACL repair in the past means that rehabilitating to better limb symmetry in terms of strength is a bit more important. (This is discussed in much more detail here, although the piece is a bit science-heavy). I would pick a single-leg quad exercise (e.g., single-leg knee extension, leg press, or split squat) and compare the loads you can handle on each side for a set of, say, 8 reps to 8 RPE. If these loads are within 10% of one another, you're good to go. If not, you can continue training that movement 1-2x per week in addition to the programmed work in the template, to reach that point.
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