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    Due to time and ongoing battles with training induced anxiety, I’ve run into 2 situations:

    situation 1: high rep compound movements leading to severe anxiety due to increased heart rate and breathing. This especially happens with deadlifts. When training in sets of 8, usually by the last set I find myself having to do 2 separate sets of 4 instead. Do you this being an issue at all as long as the total number of reps (32) are done?

    situation 2: on the same deadlift day, I don’t have enough time to do my full session before I have to leave and get my daughter off the bus. So I end up doing half of the session at the gym, the other half at home about 45 minutes or so later. Would there be any issues with this from a hypertrophy or strength standpoint?

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    I would not expect any issues with either of these modifications.
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      Appreciate the input doc!