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Developing strength with different rep schemes

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  • Developing strength with different rep schemes

    I did FAHVE sets of FAHVE's this week and I want to do sets of four's next week. If I want to make sure I continue developing strength next week, should I try and I lift more overall weight tonnage than the FAHVE's week by doing more sets or could I just do the same number of sets (FAHVE) with four reps using a weight that would indicate a strength increase even though the overall tonnage would be lower? Would the lower overall tonnage detrain me? Thanks in advance.
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    +1 for using "fahves" in your text.

    Unfortunately, your question isn't nuanced™ enough to answer.

    In short, lifting more for a set of 4 than a set of 5 doesn't mean you're stronger unless there is substantially more weight on the bar.

    Overall tonnage is not something I use to manage training in real time either.
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