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Protein, programming and troubleshooting

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  • Protein, programming and troubleshooting

    Hello Austin/Jordan,

    Looks like this post fell through the cracks so I'm reposting but with an additional question

    A bit of background info before I get into the questions.

    Age: 37
    training age: ~12 months (3x resistance/2x gpp)
    current protein intake: 1.6-1.8g/kg bw
    current program: strength I (dev block only)

    1. I am headed back to work on site in the new year for the foreseeable future, thus I expect my protein intake will take a significant hit. I'm guessing the protein intake will be around 0.9-1.2g/kg bw (currently at 1.6-1.8g/kg bw). That said, with all else (hopefully) remaining the same (i.e. low life stressors, decent sleep, consistent training, maintenance calories etc.), would it be fair to assume the following given the change in nutrition (I'm just trying to manage my expectations moving forward):

    a. some loss in muscle mass (and weight)
    b. decrease in rate of strength gains

    2. If I do high incline bench as a replacement for overhead press but use the same load that would've otherwise been used for ohp, would I be incurring the same amount of fatigue due to the same load? Or would the fatigue be different due to different RPEs?

    3. I was supposed to do 4 @ 9 for bench, however due error in technique, it ended up being a 3 @ 9.5. I must've rested for ~15-20 seconds before doing a fairly comfortable 4th rep. I did hit all my other sets/single at the appropriate RPEs. I'm pretty confident I would've hit 4 @ 9 if it wasn't for the error. Did I do the right thing by completing the volume (doing the missing rep as a single)? Or is there a better way of addressing this type of scenario?

    4. I had been responding very well to the bench programming in STR I after running it multiple times. I have noticed though that the gains are slowing down. Will rotating the rep ranges (4-6) for this particular programming (while retaining the same RPE RX) help extend my gains? Or is this another case of I will have to find out for myself?

    5. Would there be any instance (other than preference) where a deload for GPP work (i.e. upper back/abs/arms) would be recommended? A deload week is just around the corner and it just got me thinking...

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    Thanks for the post. A few thoughts:

    1a) Not necessarily, unless in a Calorie deficit. A protein supplement would be nice though.
    1b) Not necessarily, no.

    2) Maybe. You can rate fatigue and sRPE after a session to find out. RPE tells you how hard the effort was, not how much fatigue has been generated.

    3) I don't think there's a difference in outcomes in 4 @ 9 vs 3 + 1. I don't think including or missing a single rep really matters at all.

    4) I don't think so, but maybe!

    5) Preference and desired goals would guide this decision more than anything.

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      Thanks for the response!