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V-Handle for Seated Rows and Pull Downs

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  • V-Handle for Seated Rows and Pull Downs

    BBM team,

    There has been some fitfluencer content arguing that the use of the close grip "v-handle," when used for seated rows or pull downs, is likely much less effective for engaging upper back musculature than other cable attachments. I *think* they argue that the narrowness of the grip limits one's ability to pull the elbows back, and fully retract the scapula, thus failing to effectively engage upper back muscles. The exception, according to them, would be people with a narrow frame (not sure what qualifies as narrow), who could ostensibly fully retract their elbows even with the narrower handle.

    Is their any merit to this? Assuming access to a variety of cable attachments at a commercial gym, should someone with an average build opt for using other attachments when looking to get the most out of their GPP upperback work? I generally dismiss most of content from these types, but as I am always looking to get the most out of my training, I have been curious about this assertion. Thanks in advance! Running PB III and really enjoying it-great template.

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    There doesn't seem to be any difference that's of consequence here:

    The somatotype argument is nonsensical.

    I think that most people should become well-trained in a variety of different squats, presses, deadlifts, and rowing movements.
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