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Week #1 of The Bridge 3.0

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  • Week #1 of The Bridge 3.0

    Hey guys,

    I just got done with week #1 of The Bridge 3.0. Really enjoyed the programming but tested positive for Covid on Wednesday. Symptoms are not too bad and I don't feel real bad, just abit of a dip in overall performance. RPE definitely came useful in this situation, especially on Deadlift day. Anyway, back to the topic and I have a couple of questions for next week if you wouldn't mind clearing up for me.

    (1) Are next weeks (week 2) 1 @ 8 (90-93%) based off week 1's E1rm or actual 1rm?

    (2) When using the 7min time cap on GPP days are literally trying to bang these mini sets out with minimal rest? On my chins for e.g., resting only 30-60secs I was able to get 8, 5, 5, 3, 3, 3. Is this the right idea and as time goes by try to build those 3s up?

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    Hope you continue to feel better

    For your questions:

    1) Always use e1RM for our percentage work, though these are SECONDARY to the RPE. In other words, the percentages are there to help bracket your expectations, but use RPE to determine the load. DO NOT just load a weight onto the bar because the program "says so." The program wants you to use RPE first and foremost.

    2) Yes, do as many submaximal sets as possible within the time constraints.
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      Awesome, thanks