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  • Question on GPP

    What are the better or more preferred days for getting in GPP work? Does it matter other than just foing the work? I have read, watched, and heard other coaches or more experienced indivuals than myself say that when it comes to conditioning or assistance stuff it is better to have it planned in such a way that it doesn't affect the main lifts. Currently running The Bridge 3.0 and doing GPP on Tues/Thurs but I am wondering if doing Tri Ext on the Tues would have a negative effect on the Press on Wed or doing HIIT on Thurs will negatively impact Deadlifts on Fri? And if so would it be better to rearrange GPP to Thurs/Sat? Appreciate any feedback, advice on the topic,


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    For most folks who have trained for awhile, Two days of GPP is likely not enough training volume to worry about with respect to resistance training performance. Some additional thoughts here:
    • The main thing here is adherence, e.g. getting the GPP done. Everything else is a secondary concern.
    • For performance on the elements of GPP, you'd want to do GPP on it's own separate day or a few hours after your lifting session, if possible.
    • For performance on the lifting session, GPP performed the day prior likely does not have a negative effect unless someone is detrained. In that case, the potential reduction in strength performance is worth it in order to address the lack of conditioning. This is short-lived anyway, typically.
    • I do not think the isolation work has any impact on "main lift" performance, though the strength performance of any regular 'ol training session is not terribly important either.
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      Cool. Thanks for the info/response Jordan. I will just keep it at Tues/Thurs. I am still in the process of habit building with the GPP as I have trained religiously M/W/F so getting in the habit of doing these extra GPP days will bump my overall training week up greatly.