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  • Low Fatigue template exercise selections

    Hi BBM fam,

    Running the Medium ISF template, love it, and am about to hit the point where its another block, singles are introduced, and exercises change. I don't want to be too specific since its a paid template, but basically the supplementary slots change to "2 ct paused squat" (and accessory "belt squat") and "2 ct paused deadlift."

    Based on the exercise tab for the new block, other options include a pin squat, hatfield squat for accessory, and mid-shin rack pull, all three of which I want to implement because I haven't really tried those variafions and now I am blessed enough to have the equipment to do so.

    Now, these selections are based on preference, equipment availability, and trainability, all of which line up with me choosing these substitution exercises BUT I am a bit hesistant because I know these templates are carefully designed and the paused variations were there orginally for a reason. In addition, I own PB 2 and 3, and notice that, for those templates as well, when they transition to a new block (and exercises change and singles are introduced), paused variations are implemented so I figure there's a rhyme and reason.

    Basically, am I ok to introduce a pin squat, hatfield squat, and rack pull instead of the original paused exercise selections? If it means anything- based on me tinkering with these movements yesterday and doing easy singles for each- I have a good feeling I can load these movement significantly heavier than paused variations. So if the point of the paused selections was to indirectly lower/manage fatigue by reducing absolute load (due to heavy singles being introduced or another reason?), and therefore I shouldn't choose these substitutions, then I won't. But honestly this is my guess.

    As always, thanks for reading.

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    You can definitely do the variations you prefer in place of paused work, particularly if you've had good results with them before.

    That said, I don't think that just because a variation is heavier (or lighter) makes it better or worse. Rather, I think the fatigue is mostly managed by the programming with a minor influence of the exercise selection.

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      Ok coach thanks a bunch!