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Counting last warmup as a working set

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  • Counting last warmup as a working set

    Depending on the prescription for a lift, would you consider doing one of your backoffs as a warmup, and counting that as a working set?

    Example: [email protected]; 75% e1RM x 5 reps x 3 sets

    Let’s say my goal is for the [email protected] to be 255#. In order to gauge if that is accurate, I could do 235 for 5, which would be 75%. Would you be opposed to counting that as one of your backoffs, then doing 255 as planned, then doing just 2 backoffs?

    I feel there are 2 advantages. 1 is to save time. The other is that, most of the time that 235 would be at worst an RPE 8 for me, in which case I could adjust the backoffs appropriately. At best, it’s easier than I expect and I can go for ~265 for [email protected], and then do 3 backoffs at 245.

    Additionally, would you feel the same for something prescribed like: [email protected]; -5% from [email protected] x 4 reps x 2 sets? I’m not sure if there is something unique about doing the set of 6 first in order to generate a certain amount of fatigue, that would then affect the sets of 4.


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    Both would be fine, yes.
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