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My NLP to Bridge Story

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  • My NLP to Bridge Story

    First post within the BBM realm. Really excited so far to see what this community has come to be. I just wanted to share my story and let you know that I plan to be active here.

    Current stats...
    age: 42
    ht: 5'10"
    wt: 218 (188 back in November)

    I had heavy lifting experience when I was back in HS and had some pretty decent numbers as a football player.

    My max (1rep) lifts back then:

    bodyweight: 220
    squat: 525
    deadlift: 485 (I know, kinda odd that my squat was higher, but I think it was due to fact I don't remember that we deadlifted very much)
    bench: 295

    I got back into lifting due to the fact my son is 12 and had been asking about him want to do some lifting. I started reading more of current state of technique and training methods. I kept coming across mentions of Starting Strength and Mark Rippetoe. I got the book and started the SS program. I had a couple deloads in squat and deadlift for form corrections, but I have been steadily gaining with good progress.

    I visited with a SSC early on back in November to work on correcting some form and I had continuous communication and sharing of videos along the way. I had a recent visit to run through all the lifts again checking on form and there were a few tweaks, but I feel like form is very good now.

    I ran NLP from late October to this past week and have moved to Bridge 1.0

    Here were my max working sets when I finished NLP (starting weights in parentheses):

    squat - 330 3x5 (150)
    deadlift - 360 1x5 (170)
    bench - 211 3x5 (135)
    press - 131 3x5 (65)
    power clean - 147 5x3 (100)

    I had a log file over at, but will start a new one here as I tackle the Bridge 1.0. Looking forward to it!

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    Good luck!

    (If you intended for this to be the start of a training log, you posted it in the wrong forum)
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      Nice plots! As a electrical engineer who loves signal processing and Matlab, I love seeing data ploted. I'm going to have to take some time this weekend to plot my progress as well.