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Do I need a break between Bridge and 12-week press?

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  • Do I need a break between Bridge and 12-week press?

    I have my fiest strongman event at the end of July
    That's 19 weeks away.
    Overhead will be a component I need to work in addition to sandbag work that I use as conditioning.

    I was very happy with my results running the bridge then transitioned to 7 week hypertrophy.
    Currently finishing week 3.
    Definitely got bigger, just didn't add as much to the bar on my lifts.
    I probably should have run it again.

    Would I be better off finishing the last 4 weeks, filling 3 with maintenance then using the 12 week press template leading up to the event or would I be better off running the bridge again now then going directly into the press template?

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    I would do the hypertrophy template and finish it and then move to the press template. For GPP on the press template I would do strongman events to get ready for the specific demands of that.
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      Make sense, thank you.
      Took advantage of the spring training sale