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    Hey quick question on the Beginner Template. So after talking to Jordan, I switched over from the Greyskull LP Phraks Variant - 3 weeks in - to the BT. I was using the GS app to log my weights and reps and transferred those numbers into the calculator. So let me use Squats on Phase 1 Week 1 of Day 1 as an example. On my last day of GS I squated 160 for 5 and I was having an off day and it showcased RPE for me in real-time. Also this is my first time utilizing RPE in my workouts. I plugged in 160 for my 5RM, (It also listed 185.5 for my 1RM @ 10RPE) looked for the 4 Reps column and saw 148.2145lb @ 6.5RPE and I rounded up to 150 for my first working set since I'd be doing 4 reps instead of 5 and I should have recovered from my last squat session. I felt like i had more in the tank and Im still trying to familiarize myself with RPEs. At that point I just went up the natural progression of the RPE scale in the 4 Rep column (second set was at 155 and so forth with my final working set. After plugging in the data my E1RM is 191.0.

    1. Do I use my E1RM of 191.0 from my first Squat workout to plug into the calculator and use the auto-populated number for Week 1 Day 2 Squats where the first working set is 7 @ 6RPE? or do I stick with the 185.5 for the 7 @ 6RPE? or do I round up to 195 to beat the E1RM from the first workout for the 7 @ 6RPE?

    2. After double checking with the Watch Me YouTube video it is advised to add 5% to my first starting weight and so forth following sets, so my second set shoulder have been 157.5 then 165. Is this correct?

    3. The GPP for Phase 1 is 25 min of steady state cardio @ RPE 6 - 7, 1X/wk and walk an extra 2000 steps per day in 5 - 10 min bouts. Can I jump to the GPP that's in Phase 2 which is 30 min of steady state cardio @ 6 - 7 RPE, 2X/wk, Every 2 min on the min 20 sec sprints for 12 min, 2x/wk & walk an extra 2000 steps per day in 5 - 10 min bouts along w Task-Priority upper back 1x/wk, biceps 1x/wk, triceps 1x/wk and Time-Priority abs 2x/wk?

    I hope this makes sense.


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    1) I wouldn't use the calculated e1RMs for anything other than bracketing expectations for next week's training. I would not plug-in numbers in advance. That said, the difference in e1RM of 6lbs here is inconsequential when talking about a warm-up set @ RPE 6. The warm-up sets where you ramp the weight up set to set are useful for determining the top set's wegiht.

    2) If you're trying to increase the RPE by 1 and keep the reps the same, adding ~ 5% is a good rule of thumb.

    3) I would prefer you do the program as written given your extended period of time off prior to this.

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      Thank you for the quick response. I'll run the program as prescribed.