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    Austin has posted on Exodus forum and explained some of his changes in programming over the course of the last year or so, where he has done some low fatigue training, a la Data Driven Strength (of which I was coached directly for 44 weeks with average results, albeit the training was fun). In this discussion some importance was placed on accessory work. I am using BBM Strength III and only performing slots 1 and 2 for the day bc i hate doing more than 2 movements a day. Would you say that leaving out the higher rep accessory is favorable to leaving out the slot 2 work, the close variants? In other words, is it better to do a comp movement and follow it with a higher rep accessory, or stick with comps and close variants? In a perfect world I would just do the program as written but I dont have patience for high rep accessory.

    Thanks guys

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    If you are not interested in doing all the programmed work, I would stick with the primary lifts and close variants.
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