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  • Autoregulaton question

    LP did wonders for me for the first 6 months of my training career back in 2017. However, im completely on board with autoreg and RPE since ive obviously tapped out any more gains on a straight LP style programming and percentages seem to either burn me out or keep me from making gainz depending on outside factors. However, one of the challenges im facing is that every week the top singles FEEL the same ie: they never get easier, if its @8 or 9 they always feel heavy. I feel like ive stagnated now for a while and maybe its mental? if i force it up i seem to burn out or get discouraged, and if i keep the rpe as prescribed i never seem to get stronger.

    Any tips on breaking through to the next weight up while not deviating negatively from your rpe plan? Thanks

    ps im currently on the Strength III template

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    Hey Cole,

    Thanks for the post. Can you share a video of your most recent squat single for the last two weeks?

    To answer your question, sets @ 8 or @ 9 should feel the same week-to-week, though the absolute load will vary based on your performance potential. If these sets aren't going up and you feel like you're being honest with yourself regarding RPE, the environment is reasonably ripe for gainzZz (sleep, food, etc.), and your technique isn't artificially limiting your progress, the program just may not be correct for you.

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      Thanks for the response, your advice is appreciated. A couple thoughts to your response:

      1- im 38, so gainz may be more difficult to come by than 5 years ago.
      2- im doing strength III but i havent been doing slot 3 bc i tend to lose interest and do shitty work after 1 hour in the gym so i stick to 2 movements
      3- the programming is fine, ive thought in the past maybe i would do better with more rest between squatting and pulling rather than doing back to back like in strength III, but i dont think thats true. Im sure i can adapt like anyone else to that style.
      4- i think its a mental barrier? like im afraid of certain numbers, arbitrary as they are?
      5 - i think i need to revisit this question with you after doing 2-3 cycles of strength III (ive had a history of program hopping)

      here is the squat single from this week

      video, sharing, camera phone, video phone, free, upload

      Thanks Doc, much respect


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        Hey Cole,

        Thanks for responding. A few thoughts here:

        1) I would push back pretty hard on the age-adjusted expectations for training response, as the evidence on this overwhelmingly shows that neither age nor sex affect training response.
        2) I think that it is likely the additional training volume from slot 3 would be useful for you, if there's some way you'd be up for doing it.
        3) I agree.
        4) Maybe, though I think skipping 1/3 of the current programming is affecting your training responses eg. work capacity, skill development, muscular hypertrophy, and strength. Improvements in these likely ease comfort handling certain weights.
        5) Copy

        Single looks pretty good. I'd have you move your gaze out and keep your head still throughout the movement, narrow your stance slightly in order to keep your knees out better, and push your knees further forward initially during the descent rather than sitting back so much, Just small changes for improving the efficiency here.


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          You're awesome Jordan,

          I will work on all those things for squat and I will be doing slot 3 from this point on.


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            Originally posted by Cole View Post
            1- im 38, so gainz may be more difficult to come by than 5 years ago.
            Man, you kids keep putting up posts commenting on how "old" you are and how much you expect to suffer in different ways from it. And it's almost always someone literally in the prime of their life doing the fretting. I really wish this narrative would just go away.

            You're not "old", ffs. Even if you were, what good comes from assuming that things will be harder for you than they might otherwise be?

            I'm in my 50s, and lifted my first barbell in my very late 40s. Should someone like me plan for things to be hard, deliberately creating an additional barrier to making progress? Or should we, instead, just fucking lift and see what happens, making adjustments as we get results, just like everyone else?

            You're not "old". Just shut that nonsense off at the gate.