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powerlifting contest in one month

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  • powerlifting contest in one month

    Dear Jordan and Austin

    I would be very grateful for your advice on the matter below, but if the question falls outside the scope of what you would normally answer on this forum, please do not worry.

    I have been weight training for some time and I yesterday competed in a power lifting contest, with top lifts of 220kg squat, 150 kg bench and 272.5 kg deadlift at 101kg body weight, as it may be relevant to the advice given, the squat and deadlift were not maximal efforts.

    For the contest I trained using one of the permutations of the four day texas method, which I ran for seven weeks, with a week and a half taper. This has been my default routine in the past, although I think I may have exhausted the usefulness of this type of progamming, as I have been feeling quite rundown with the over 90% sets of five as of late. After doing some research into your training recommendations, namely, being intuitive with your training as opposed to being locked into a fixed scheme of progression, increasing the volume of moderate lifts, and including more variations of the basic lifts, it struck me that your advice made a lot of sense. Accordingly, I have purchased your strengthlifting II template with a view to trying to get a bit bigger and stronger!

    I have decided to enter another powerlifting contest in four weeks time. Given that I have already 'peaked' for the previous competition, would you advise that I simply take the final four weeks of the strengthlifting template and use that to peak again, or is there likely to be any benefit in including two weeks of higher volume (ie the developmental phase) followed by the final two weeks of the peaking phase?

    If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Thank you for your time.


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    Nice job on the contest, Sam!

    I would probably do the "fast" peak template we have here, for free:

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      Thank you kindly! I will proceed as you suggest.