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Activation Set and Myoreps

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  • Activation Set and Myoreps

    Hi Jordan/Austin,

    I just got done with W1D2 of HLM template so I am new to these Myoreps. I used Single Arm DB Rows (Kroc Row) instead of barbell Lever Row, I assume this substiution is ok? I managed 40kg x 16 on my right side and 40kg x 14 on my left, both @8s so my left side must be lagging or just abit fatigued from right side going first. Anyway, I then proceeded with the sets of 3-5, just using the time it took to switch from right to left as rest but I was able to crank out 10 sets of 5 and could have kept going. I cut it off at 10 sets as I may have been there a while

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    The substitution is fine, but I'd take that activation set to failure on both sides prior to doing the activation sets. That should keep the back-off sets in check. If not, I'd do more reps per back off set to keep it in < 5 back off sets.
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      Ok, thanks. I'll play around with these and get a hang on them