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    Hi There!

    I was reading a book (specifically Tactical Barbell 2: Conditioning) and it talked about doing multi-modal LISS as an option for LISS whereby instead of Running/Rowing etc for the 25 to 30 minutes straight, you would do for example 10 minutes of Rowing, 10 minutes Jogging then 10 minutes of Skipping whilst maintaining what they said was a conversational pace or 120 to 140 bpm (they did not know what RPE was in this book). Just wanted to ask what was your opinion on this from a general health and adherence perspective as well as the pros and cons compared to just rowing or running for the 30 minutes straight. I'm thinking about trying to implement this in my training especially since I am not training for anything besides for enjoyment and for the sake of training. Thanks in advance for your time!

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    No differences in general health, but slightly different performance adaptations and fatigue costs. 140bpm would be too high for LISS in my opinion as well.
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