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PB2 has a baby with Endurance template?

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  • PB2 has a baby with Endurance template?


    Approaching a meet and am not overly excited for it... however, the idea of getting back to training following it has me ecstatic.

    For reference, I've been running PB2 since Nov1 of this year, repeating and slightly modifying to account for meet date. Looking at doing a very non-specific PB2 template following the meet (probably HB squats, front, split, dips and press variants besides regular bench, and sumo, as a conventional puller). Goal is to just practice movements and really enjoy time doing new/non powerlifting things.

    Question is, would it be "too much" to perform the 3 cardio sessions from the endurance template in addition to the PB2 days 1-4? I really enjoy running and think this would be a fun way to fuse the templates... very aware strength or performance may dip. Just wanted see if there's any reason to not run a PB2 and Endurance template "baby" besides this dip. Thinking cardio day 1 with PB2 day 1, cardio day 2 on GPP1 day (typically Wednesday), then cardio day 3 with GPP day 2 (typically Saturday).

    thx bunches BBM

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    You could do that, sure. I would just add things in slowly after the meet to avoid any overuse issues.

    Good luck at the meet!

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