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  • Alts for tempo squat

    Hey all,

    I started strength 1 for the second time and i really need an alt for the tempo squat. I've been searching and most of the things I see are just telling people to lower the weght and deal. While i dislike these i am also getting light headed by the end. I start by valsalvaing through the first few but by the end I'm breathing normally, that's how light the weight is. I know i can pause or pin squat but don't really know which to do.

    Most templates i have have variations in the exercise selection but this one does not.

    Thanks for any help.

    The light headedness has me a little worried because i dont get it on normal squats. While it's nothing new in my life it gets pretty strong doing these.

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    There is no right or wrong answer here. Pick any squat variation you'd like to substitute in that slot, and see how you do. Could be a paused/pin/box squat, high bar, SSB, squat with chains/bands, or any combination of these just as an example.
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      Thanks for the reply