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  • Block 2 Exercise Selection

    I'm starting Block 2 of the Beginners Template and I just had a few questions on exercise selection.

    Whats you opinion or recommendation for Box Squats - Westside Barbell Style, etc.?

    Accessory Squats - Are Lunges or Split Squats for better LBS carryover? and are Bulgarian Split Squats an option?

    Supplemental Deadlifts - Romanian or Paused Deadlifts for better carryover to Conventional Deadlifts?

    Accessory Deadlifts - I'm kinda undecided on which one for carryover as well.

    Bench I was gonna go with TnG, DB Incline Bench Press and OHP, should I switch anything to really develop a stronger bench?

    As for direct triceps work I was thinking rolling tricep extentions, JM presses, maybe Tate presses, CGB, Floor presses? I'm stumped. lol

    BTW, 30 min stairs are def the way to go for LISS and my HR was around the 115 mark.

    For HIIT im kinda limited on cardio equipment. I'm guessing a treadmill sprint/jog would be the best option unless anybody has some other creative ideas?

    Thank in Advance

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    For non-beginners, the choice for most of these is personal preference. For beginners however, I think it's important to focus on general physical development rather than specializing on only a handful of exercises. A few thoughts based on the presented options:

    - I think box squats are a fine exercise, though for beginners I would do them to below parallel and not do anything pertaining to Westside
    - Neither lunges nor split squats of any kind are particularly bad or good for low bar back squat, though I do think improving unilateral strength is a good idea for most trainees
    - I don't think we should focus on "carryover" to the conventional deadlift for your exercise selection, but rather what is currently undertrained. I'd probably select a moderate stance sumo deadlift if it's all the same to you
    - Again, I don't think I would focus on building a stronger bench as a beginner, but rather building a bigger base of development for pressing in all styles. I would bench press in some form, press overhead in some form, and do unilateral work as well.
    - You probably don't need any special type of triceps exercise, but I'd pick an isolation exercise in this particular template

    I would not choose sprinting as my first option if you don't have a history in running. I'd probably do more LISS.

    The Beginner Template is not a powerlifting program and we are not trying to build you into a powerlifter through it. Rather, we are introducing individuals to resistance training and building a big base of physical skills that we can apply specifically later on.

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      Thank you for the response.

      - the only reason I brought up Westside Box Squats is because they teach to sit back on the box, release the hip flexor and then fire back up vs other methods where it's a touch n go or a relaxed sit to break the eccentric-connecentric chain and then fire back up without momentum. I do plan on squatting to 2 inches below parallel. I was just wondering if there was a proffered way to box squat.

      - Unilateral work was something that I did want to incorporate which is why I asked about it for both squat and bench variations.

      - So conventional deadlift, moderate stance sumo deadlift and whatever I think is undertrained for my Row selection?

      - copy that on iso work for triceps

      - as for jogging/sprining, eh, i have a past of it but that was years ago when I was training to get in the Army's Ranger Assessment Selection Program. So if I can't figure out a suitable HIIT, how much would you add onto LISS cardio for the week?

      - copy thcopyill try to think of the larger end of the funnel instead of the narrower end and work on building a bigger base vs specializing.

      I appreciate all your input and time clearing this up for me.


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        Yea I wouldn't teach someone to do a squat variant out of balance (e.g. sitting way back) or to relax at the bottom. Rather, I would squat normally to a box, pause on the box, then stand, if I was doing box squats.

        For the other q's regarding your exercise selection- yes.

        For the conditioning, I would sub in 1 session of LISS for HIIT and call it good.

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          Thank You Sir !!